The Cambodia Collection has been a labor of love that is the beating heart of Threading Love.  Founder/Owner, Kaitlin Schuck, designs each piece of the Cambodia Collection with two things in mind – comfort and style.  Each piece has a fresh look that is on trend, but is always something that is comfortable enough to sleep in.

Every item has an incredible journey and story to tell…

First, we search for the latest fashion that we can’t live without.  Then we re-design our favorite fashions to be the most comfortable items in your closet that will be your favorite go-to!  Through lots of skype dates and emailing, we work directly with the design team and makers in Cambodia to create patterns that will create high quality items that will last.  We even facetime through the fabric market to pick patterns and material since we can’t be there in person.

Next, each piece is handmade with love in Cambodia by survivors of sex trafficking.  We chose to work with AEC (Agape Employment Center), an integration program under Agape International Missions, to make our apparel because we believe in everything they stand for and want to be a small piece of the change they are making in so many lives.  AIM believes in a holistic strategy that involves survivors, law enforcement and the community. They design and use programs that PREVENT sex trafficking, work with law-enforcement to RESCUE, RESTORE those rescued and REINTEGRATE survivors to give them a second chance at life. Through this approach, AIM is committed to lifelong and community-wide transformation that is effective and lasting.  We have been in awe of the experience we have had using these oh-so-loved survivors to hand make each product that is part of our Cambodia Collection.  Each person is paid 4X the average garment worker, receives on-site job training, healthcare benefits, and continuing education courses.  These women aren’t just survivors, they are thriving because of having a stable income and a job to be proud of.   The work and care put into each product is something we are proud of – we stand by the superior quality of every item we sell…so you can be proud of your purchase in more ways than one.

And finally – we bring these incredible products to you in-store, online, and at our pop-up shops so we can share the story and provide you with items that are trendy and high quality.  Each item features a tag with our TL logo and the story – “Handmade with love in Cambodia by survivors of trafficking.”  Our goal is that you are proud to share the story behind your purchases and inspire others to make a difference with the products they buy as well.  Together we are truly making a difference!