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Brownie BOMB Bars

I personally believe that no man (or woman) has created a better food combination than chocolate and peanut butter.  The options are limitless and the taste is magical!  We wanted to provide you with an easy Valentine’s Day recipe to romance your other half.   Ingredients: Bottom Layer:   1 box of brownie mix (follow […]

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Creation Festival 2016

Creation Festival 2016 Sun. Dust. Music. Crazy Hair. Graphic Tees. Free Hugs. Cheesecake On a Stick.  Creation Festival 2016 was a BLAST!  After some long days being at Creation, we arrived home on Sunday at about 3am, got hot showers, and slept in a real bed with air conditioning.  Missing those things are definitely First World […]


Made in China

By:  Nikki Walter Threads For Thought – what an appropriate name. Before working at Threading Love, I had never heard of this brand – and to be honest, if I had heard of it and its mission I wouldn’t have been all that thrilled.  Keeping the world “green” never ranked high on my list of […]