What is Cyberbullying

How to Stop Bullying The 2017-2018 school year is about to begin and with that comes new beginnings and new adventures for students. However, the pressures of grades, new classes, extracurricular activities can be challenging without any added strife. Lying in wait is the potential risk of being bullied.  According to the National Center for […]

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Sizzlin’ Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Sizzle up your Monday lunch break with this delicious buffalo chicken wrap.  It is a hearty sandwich for anyone who loves hot wings.  AND as an added bonus, its easy and cheap.  You really can have it all.  The few ingredients you will need are as follows: ·        4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves ·        […]

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Brownie BOMB Bars

I personally believe that no man (or woman) has created a better food combination than chocolate and peanut butter.  The options are limitless and the taste is magical!  We wanted to provide you with an easy Valentine’s Day recipe to romance your other half.   Ingredients: Bottom Layer:   1 box of brownie mix (follow […]