At Home with Kristen Grubb – “There Isn’t a Box”

“Don’t think outside the box, think like this is no box.”

My recent step into the Director of Social Outreach position at Threading Love has given me the permission to explore the parts of my creative spirit that haven’t been tapped into before.  I have worked at several jobs that were black and white and made it challenging to explore what we like to call “outside the box.”  I am so thankful for what I have been given and can’t imagine my life without this new venture with Threading Love.

With all of that being said, I have always enjoyed scrapbooking and putting collages together.  In high school, I would go to Scrapbook Country in downtown Danville from 7pm- midnight on Friday nights for an evening full of scrapbooking.  Nerdy I know, but it was my favorite weekly tradition.  I would spend the entire 5 hours on one page and would spend so much time reflecting on the moments and memories I was trying to bring to life on the page.  Time is fleeting and I treasure the times I can put into art.

There was a time when creativity in the workplace was associated with painters, writers, poets, or graphic designers.  As the importance for a brand personality has flooded the marketplace, creative vibes are becoming vital to the survival of companies.  I have some tips for you to spice up your everyday work environment to get those creative juices flowing.


  1. Create a stimulating environment. Offices that include stimulating objects such as journals, art, games and other items – some of which may not even be directly related to your business – serve as sources of inspiration.
  2. Reward efforts through positive psychological reinforcement. Encourage your employees or co-workers to take risks, rewarding them for creative ideas and not penalizing them when they fail. In doing so, you’ll enable people to more readily take on assignments that stretch their potential.
  3. Foster different points of view through outside perspectives. Innovation can often spring from a review of how your customers view and use your products and services.


These are simple techniques that can make a world of a difference in your work day.  I encourage taking personal time for crafting, writing, drawing, painting – it may seem awkward at first but keep going because it is incredibly liberating.

Thank you for reading my blog that will give you a little bit of insight into my personal life and journey as an artist.  We are all fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God – and he invented creativity.  Don’t let society tell you otherwise because imagine what can happen if we just all took a little time to create.


Many Blessings,

Kristen Grubb

Director of Social Outreach

Threading Love



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