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I don’t know about you, but the coffee or tea struggle is real in the Schuck house.  I love coffee, Ryan does not.  I love tea, Ryan does not.  Therefore, the struggle to consume enough coffee and tea for us both is real!

I worked as a barista at a local coffee shop for about a year and took pride in the fact that I could make a mean cup of joe, but hated drinking coffee.  It was about a year and a half ago when Threading Love was set up at the Bloomsburg Fair for the first time and this girl had her first cup of coffee.  I was responsible for being there at 9am and wasn’t able to leave until about 11pm.  I would drive home every night and drive back every morning.  All while running a store and employees as well.  Needless to say, it was about day number 3 when my friend Jona, founder of The Little Bee Co., handed me a cup of coffee and I couldn’t say no.  The rest of the week, coffee was my go-to to keep the fuel running…literally.  I actually started enjoying the taste of it as well, with Pumpkin Spice creamer of course.  Since that day, coffee is a part of my daily morning routine.  Every evening Ryan puts creamer (I like the International Delight Simply Pure) in my to-go stainless steel mug and refrigerates it overnight, then in the morning makes me coffee and has it all ready to hand to me when I am leaving for work!  That act of service is truly one of my love languages.

When coffee became a part of my routine, I wanted to make sure I was getting the best out of it.  I read that you should wait about an hour to an hour and a half before drinking coffee in the morning.  This allows your body to naturally wake itself up, without becoming dependent on the caffeine in coffee.  I now try to do this and it actually helps a lot, because my body does not “crave” the coffee and the coffee does its job by giving me that boost of energy when the morning starts to drag a little.  I also try to make sure that the coffee beans are sourced through fair trade principles.  After crude oil, coffee is the most sought after commodity in the world and is worth $100 billion worldwide.  Coffee farms are the livelihood of over 25 MILLION people and 90% of coffee’s production takes place in developing countries, which can leave the farmers and families very vulnerable to corruption.  If you can buy the fair-trade option, it is an easy way to be helping others!  My go-to coffee is Bason Coffee Roasting.  The founder, Brad Bason, tries very hard to get only beans he knows are sourced through fair-trade principles.  The coffee is roasted locally in Danville, so it is also helping our local economy.  Usually if there is something I love, I partner with them to carry the products at Threading Love so that I have access to it daily!   Therefore, you can find my favorite coffee at TL!

Now onto the TEA in my life.  Does anyone else have a minor obsession with mystical tv shows?  Well I am the kind that has watched every episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Charmed, Star Crossed, and anything else that lets my mind wander into a magical world.  I like to watch Netflix while I wash dishes or do laundry so that I can forget that I’m actually washing dishes or doing laundry.  Netflix so kindly suggested that I watch “The Good Witch”.  It is a cute Hallmark tv-show that developed a curiosity in me for tea.  The good witch, Cassandra Nighingale, is always making tea for everyone for everything! This past Christmas I asked for tea and my parents hooked me up with all kinds of organic loose tea, tea infuser, and all the necessities to becoming a tea-enthusiast.  So now, every night before bed I have a cup of tea.  The benefits of tea are never ending and are the sure reason it has been consumed for thousands of years.  Tea is filled with antioxidants, boosts your immune system, helps protect bones, shown to help with weight loss, and much more. I thoroughly enjoy tea without anything being added, but honey is a great way to give it that sweetness you may need while providing even more health benefits.  I often drink soothing teas with lavender or chamomile to help slow down my mind in the evening, but there are so many options out there to try.  Like I mentioned earlier, if I love something I also love to try to carry it at Threading Love…so we recently partnered with SerendiTea to carry their loose tea and tea products!  I am in LOVE with their teas.  It is a loose tea and I honestly feel like someone went to the garden and picked a bunch of pretty flowers and herbs to personally make this tea for me.  Which they essentially did.  The tea is made in New York and this small company cares so much about sourcing the teas organically and making sure nothing else gets added.  They also have a variety of teas that benefit local charities, which we love to support and carry as well!

I promise I don’t just drink coffee and tea all day long, except as I am writing this I just realized all I have had today is coffee and my greens shake.  I try to drink 2 waters for every non-water drinks I consume.  This helps to flush out toxins and to stay hydrated since coffee and tea are not a great source for pure hydration.  I love the benefits of coffee in the morning to get me going and the benefits of tea in the evening to slow me down. It is great to have balance with everything that you do.  I am always a work in progress, especially when it comes to working out and eating clean, so I’m glad I can stay balanced at least with my hydration and drink consumption.  I would love to know what some of your daily healthy routines are and how you stay balanced!?

Thanks for letting me open up the door to share a little bit of an inside look at home with me!  Email me and let me know if there is anything else that would be helpful to share!

Many Blessings,

Kaitlin Schuck

Founder/CEO of Threading Love

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