About Us

Be The Change

Threading Love’s goal is to create a movement to change the way people shop. When we see poverty on television or hear about the injustices of the world, we often don’t know how to get involved. We read the statistics for modern day slavery, we see commercials for malnourished children, we hear about unclean water and the millions it affects every day…but what can we do?  Threading Love has brought third world problems to the doorstep of first world households so we can work together to see true change through things we buy every day!  Threading Love has partnered with the leading brands that give back to others to bring you a department store of items that are changing lives. We love fashion and we love helping others, so our goal is to bring you the latest trends that make you proud to tell others the story behind your clothing and goods.  What you buy changes someone else’s story and how you share those stories will change even more lives!  YOU are the start to change!

What is the Threading Love Signature Collection?  This line is handmade in Cambodia by survivors of trafficking.  We help to provide full time jobs with great pay, healthcare, education, meals, and much more!  We believe that empowering others through employment opportunities creates change for generations!  Each piece is designed by our founder and we always love suggestions for other items you would like to see!

How do you get involved?!

  • Shop with us online!
  • Shop with us in store at 419 Market Street, Lewisburg, PA 17837
  • Find out what you are most passionate about and volunteer at local charities in your community!  You are always needed and your gifts can always be used!
  • Share the stories behind what you buy to friends and family and tell them about Threading Love!  Stories spark inspiration and inspiration can move mountains!

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